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Review articles are to be written for any product or service that a seller is hopeful of selling. All the marketing that you do right from the outset is wasted if one does not have some reviews in place. The importance of this is so well understood that sellers sometimes get reviews written by their own test audiences. The bolder ones get complete strangers to review their products and let them be as candid as they like.
This exercise shows that people go to great lengths to have reviews in place. And this is not without reason because anybody who is looking to buy any product or even try out a membership would like to see what other users have said about their experience of the product. They also feel that the testimonial given by a real user is any day better than an expert’s evaluation of the product.

And this is not unfounded. An expert would be highly technical in his evaluation, whereas a day-to-day user is actually looking for performance. Another user who has a similar point of view would be able to give him the answer he is looking for in his own terms.

Review articles written by us are not out and out glorifications of whatever your product is. It gives out product specifications and features with great detail. The review also mentions what those complex technicalities would mean to a user and how they would be able bring out the best performance from it.

And while describing a product, the review may also cover some not-so-good aspects. It may even give some maintenance aspects. Maintenance includes tips about what not to do, how to get any repair or replacement of parts done if necessary and whether the customer support (if any) is really supportive and responsive.

While ordering for reviews, be sure to provide enough details in the work order, such as the target audience and some product specifications that you would like to have covered so that they act as a guideline in helping the review shape up well.

Review articles – balanced reviews

Balanced review articles are those that have both pros and cons in the write-up. You can order for these reviews if you would like to have them perceived as a realistic review. People are more likely to put stock into it if you have taken care to keep it honest.

Balanced reviews are not those without a stand. You can even indicate whether or not you wish the review to end with a solid conclusion extolling the benefits of the product, saying it is a worthy buy, or whether you would like the conclusion to be left unsaid so that the reader can just process the information and use it to make a decision on his own.

Review articles – positive/negative reviews

You, as the seller, might decide that it is better to take a stand on the product straightaway, and then convince the reader of your point of view. If this is the case you can order for positive or negative reviews which perch on one chosen side and go on to give the reader the reason why it is so.
These review articles have to be extremely informative and supported with requisite facts. Only then will be views expressed validated and credible.

Review articles – forum postings

Review articles can also be posted in discussion forums and product listing sites. Here, the space is possibly more limited than on review sites and will need the posting to be concise. Information will have to be presented in a condensed format while being equally strong on the veracity factor.

This is also possible, since our writers understand that the factual value of the content has the highest value and this is what will bring value to the opinion expressed. Our review articles are not just our $ 0.02, but really authentic contributions that will help readers who are out there looking for some validation before making their purchase decisions.

Don’t go on thinking word-of-mouth will ultimately pick up for your products and website – get review articles written and stir up the attention!

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